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Where Business Meets Technology

Where business and technology meet

Experts in business

With the latest in research and industry news, we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to management, leadership, digital marketing, technology and digitalization.

Theoretical + practical = smart

Like most business and management schools, we teach our students the traditional foundational knowledge that’s at the heart of the modern economy — but we don’t stop there. Our unique history of innovation and our proven ability to integrate with experts from industry combine to ensure that we are providing actionable insights that translate into real-world success in everyday situations.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, managers and leaders are expected to know more and do more — from handling intense competition and sustainability challenges to building a supportive team and sound financial profiles. Business leaders in every field will need a strong foundation of adaptable skills to create a comprehensive workforce strategy that harnesses the potential of this new era of technology, transformation and innovation — the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

The idea of rising the the challenges presented by this new era can seem daunting, but we are dedicated to helping every Steinbeis student rise to the demands for innovation, sustainability and more by providing them with a wide range of opportunities to enrich their studies with the technology that shapes the 21st century.

Whether they are in our eduBITES, MBA Essentials, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA or PhD programs, we teach specialists, generalists and entrepreneurs alike to act in a technically sound, methodically competent and future-oriented, responsible manner.

Experts in engineering

Prepare for your future with our master’s programs, which are uniquely suited to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

As technology evolves at a dynamic pace and the digital economy becomes increasingly interwoven into all aspects of business, it has become essential to educate a new kind of engineer — one who not only understands how to develop cutting-edge technologies but also has the vision and business know-how to anticipate future needs and even shape the story of Industry 4.0. 

Encompassing nearly all existing and emerging Industry 4.0 fields from next-generation robotics to IoT and cybersecurity, Steinbeis SMI’s dedicated Industry 4.0 engineering curriculum gives you the skills and insights you need to excel and advance in tomorrow’s world. 

Thanks to the extensive Steinbeis partner network, the program’s professors are drawn from some of the biggest names in German innovation — among them Siemens, Daimler, Bosch and SAP — and they bring with them a range of industry and academic expertise as well as exciting opportunities for students to put their skills into practice in the workplace. 

Yet another dimension of the flexible format — eduBITES, our digital “snackable” education format — lets students stay on top of industry developments and continually upskill competencies in real time, even earning credits and mini-degrees in specialized engineering/Industry 4.0 topics. 

However our students choose to customize their studies, they’ll find that studying with Steinbeis SMI can open doors to a successful, multi-faceted technology career on a global level.

Where business meets technology

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