Studying in COVID-19 times

Steinbeis University Berlin - Study in Covid Times

Studying in COVID-19 times

COVID-19 has dominated our news and social media feeds, and it has impacted our everyday ways of life. At Steinebis SMI, we have had to adjust our teaching styles and methods to help keep our students safe while they study during the pandemic.

For international students who had plans of studying in Germany, we’re still open, but we have also launched a new offering to help students continue studying during COVID-19 times — no matter where they are in the world.

Thanks to our use of innovative technologies, students can still start studying with Germany’s largest private university — but they have the option to do so online from their home country and to decide in 12 months whether they prefer to finish their degree in their home country or relocate to Germany for the last semester. 

At Steinbeis SMI, we’re bringing the concept of the “digital nomad” to the world of education, giving you complete flexibility in choosing the location you want to make your study base. No matter how you choose to design your study path, you’ll gain access to a world of professional opportunities through our extensive network of German industry partners around the globe. 

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