Steinbeis SMI International: Living proof of the power of innovation

Steinbeis SMI International: Living proof of the power of innovation

Steinbeis SMI International: Living proof of the power of innovation

Over the past two decades, Steinbeis University has built a legacy of higher education excellence in Germany and throughout the DACH area. Our unique study model is built on the time-tested approach of Ferdinand von Steinbeis—the inventor of dual education.  

 We have perfected the art of bringing the latest industry-led innovations and insights to the classroom while also giving our students the unique opportunity to transfer those classroom theories into practice. And because we believe in the importance of making connections, we’ve opened doors and built bridges between our students, our world-class faculty, our supportive student advisors and our 200+ industry partners. 

 We are living proof of the power of innovation. It’s at the very core of who we are and what we stand for, and it’s reflected in everything we do. We know that to prepare yourself for the future, you have to first understand it. That’s why everything we teach—whether in a classroom or not—can be traced back to our undying belief in the power of education and an individual’s ability to use what they learn to effect positive change.  

 Investors have seen the value in our dynamic approach and want to help us deliver it on a global scale—to bring our particular blend of innovation to students around the world. As the energetic child of a legacy business, Steinbeis SMI is uniquely positioned to equip our students for the challenges of the real world—a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace—with a wide variety of challenges driven by changes in sustainability, automation, technology and the skills that employees of the future are expected to have. 

 Based on substantial research, we have developed a responsive, customizable set of offerings that have been designed to meet the needs of the modern global student by addressing the areas we’ve identified as key: a common language; a flexibility that encourages students to see learning as a lifelong pursuit; a focus on adaptable, future-proof skills; and a sense of dedication to social responsibility and the importance of connections. We know that every student is different, and we see it as our responsibility to bring out the best in each and every one. 

 With that in mind and to help translate the success of the cutting-edge business and engineering courses offered in German by our parent university, all of our course content will be delivered in English, which many experts around the world have dubbed the language of global business. Additionally, our model allows us to offer personalized options that fit the lives of our students, no matter where they are or what stage of life they’re in. And whether our students are looking to ride the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or harness the potential of this new era of transformation and innovation, we offer lessons that stand the test of time. 

 We invite you all to stand (and study) with us. 

 For more information about who we are and how we’re taking on our responsibility to train the next generation of leaders, visit 

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