When our Students Succeed
We Succeed

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Our LaunchPad Program

Steinbeis’ exclusive coaching and training program offering personalized training and coaching to all students – from their very first day at SMI.

Career-Supportive Atmosphere

It’s essential to us that each and every student thrives at Steinbeis SMI University Berlin, so we provide a supportive atmosphere alongside a wide range of services to assist our students in their studies.

"Land-a-Job" Service

Our personalized support program offers assistance in LinkedIn profile, CV, and cover letter presentation and helps to prepare you for interviews and assessments here in Germany.

Industry Mentorships
and Coaching

Through industry mentorships and academic- and/or industry-focused coaching, we ensure you are optimally prepared to succeed – now, and in the future.

This is how it goes…

Great! You decided to study at Steinbeis SMI
We know that the decision to continue into 3rd level education isn't an easy one to make. We commend you on choosing to do so and are delighted that you picked us to guide you on your next educational adventure.
Talk to our experts
Our highly experienced and super friendly Student Advisory Team are always here to lend an ear and a hand. For any questions at all – whether they're about our university or programs, funding, admissions or even getting on your feet in Berlin – please don't hesitate to reach out to: studentadvisory@steinbeis-smi.com.
Prepare for your move
Thanks to our comprehensive expertise and experience in the field of international education and student counseling and our alignment with relocation providers, we are qualified to advise our students on the intricacies of moving country to study. We are here to take the pressure off our students to allow for a smooth and stress-free transition into their new life in Germany.
Your first days in Germany
As an international university, we understand that there are several very necessary and important steps that must be taken upon moving to Germany – before studies can even commence! Take a look at out our checklist over on our blog and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.
Start your Career Mentorship with SMI
There are plenty of job opportunities in Germany, and because students can obtain an 18-month work permit post-graduation, there is no reason why – once you have acquired all the necessary skills from your Steinbeis degree and the tips and tricks you will learn via the LaunchPad and Career Mentorship programs – you couldn’t or shouldn’t begin a promising career here.
Collaborate on your final project with one of our industry partners
Our network of more than 200 industry partners includes some of the biggest names in German business and innovation, like Daimler, Bosch, and Siemens – to mention just a few. Executives from these companies regularly lecture in our classrooms, and our students are given the opportunity to participate in projects and even internships within their organizations.
We offer our support from matriculation to graduation
In summation: at SMI, we teach our students to apply, develop, and expand their skills systematically – so that they can stand out in competitive, professional environments – and we introduce them to the German industry giants that can mentor them further in the infancies of their chosen career.

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