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“You must rely on innovations and people.”

About Ferdinand von Steinbeis 

More than 150 years ago, this economic politician from Württemberg who promoted industrialization famously demanded, “You must rely on innovations and people.” 

Posthumously considered the father of industrial education in Württemberg, he founded trade schools throughout the state — including the weaving schools in Blaubeuren (1852) and Reutlingen (1855). Having staunchly advocated for a double-sided education — what we now refer to as dual education — von Steinbeis was unique in his acknowledgment that only the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills could effectively train the industrial workers of the future. 

The Steinbeis Foundation

As the worldwide network for the transfer of knowledge and technology, the Steinbeis Foundation is an umbrella organization that serves to honor the legacy of Ferdinand von Steinbeis. There are approximately 1,000 companies and 6,000 experts in the Steinbeis network — all of whom offer research and development, consulting and expertise, and training and education services for the technology and management fields. Most Steinbeis organizations are based at research institutions, specifically at universities, which are original sources of knowledge for Steinbeis.

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