Standing still is rarely the wisest strategy — especially during the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Standing still is rarely the wisest strategy — especially during the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Explore how Steinbeis University School of Management and Innovation can help prepare you for life during — and after — the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Internet of Things and the push toward sustainability and social innovation, change is a foregone conclusion, and the education world isn’t immune to that. 

When most people think of higher education, they often picture crowded lecture halls, students sitting in front of mountains of thick, dense textbooks and one-way presentations (not conversations) where information is transferred from instructors to students.

At Steinbeis SMI, that’s not the way we do things.

Our responsive approach to education means that we’re deftly utilizing technology to deliver valuable information to students around the world in a format and environment that works for them. With flexible, asynchronous and synchronous learning options (ranging from bite-sized, mobile-driven eduBITES to comprehensive study programs), we are already putting technological advancements to work for our students and offering options that respond to the need for change-driven, lifelong learning. As the landscape changes, we will continue to find innovative solutions that suit our modern lives.

We are incredibly proud of the way our world-class instructors bring the latest insights and innovations in business and engineering to the classroom, but we also know that neither of those fields can exist in a silo. Managers and leaders need to have an understanding of modern technologies, and engineers need to have an understanding of emotional intelligence and leadership skills. With that in mind, everything we offer is driven by a focus on future-proof life skills, meaning we’re not necessarily training you to do something — we’re training you to be something.

Unlike most traditional universities, we are firm believers in the power of combining theoretical learning with hands-on experience and life-altering connections. The Steinbeis name, after all, comes from Ferdinand von Steinbeis, who was the inventor of dual education. All of our students have the opportunity to transfer what they learn in a classroom setting to the real world, and because we are focused on building global connections, our programs offer students the perfect opportunity to incubate and develop their potentially world-changing ideas while drawing on insights and support from our global innovation community.

We know that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will change the world in ways we might not yet fully understand, but at SMI, we’re not just ready for that change; we’re already blazing a trail down that new path.

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