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We are committed to enhancing education through technology.

At Steinbeis University School of Management and Innovation, we understand that incorporating the latest in cutting-edge technology is crucial to the continuing success of our students. Our aim is not just to stay up-to-date but to soar well ahead of the crowd in order to continue supplying the Steinbeis community with the most convenient, contemporary and constructive study programs. Innovation is, after all, in our name — and we place great importance in anticipating, embracing and implementing state-of-the-art inputs and outputs.

Take eduBITES — Steinbeis SMI’s most recent revamp of traditional teaching — as an example. As the world’s first snackable e-learning platform that’s made up of bite-sized lessons spanning a myriad of tech-, business- and marketing-based topics, this program promotes learning in a practical way. 

Designed to be engaged with while on the go, our eduBITES and MBA Essentials courses fit around the busy schedules that many of us inquisitive people find ourselves juggling in modern life. These easy-to-follow audio-, video- and text-based elements can be accessed via your phone, tablet or laptop. 

In keeping with our student-first, fully customizable approach, our top-of-the-range tech software caters to our ever-expanding international market, providing you with the option to translate the English programmed system into whichever language you would prefer to study under for our eduBITES and MBA Essentials content. We don’t just use technology as an add-on; we use it as a creative amplifier that allows our students to better engage with and synthesize information in a way that applies to the real world.

Berlin is a haven for technology and education

Made in germany. Delivered around the world.

We are based in Berlin: the city that sped so quickly past other leading tech hubs in recent years, it went almost unnoticed until it had garnered the top spot as Europe’s technology center. While only a decade or so ago, tourists were flocking to Germany’s capital to experience its rich history or sample its impressive nightlife, today, visits are becoming less fleeting and more permanent once travelers realize how seriously our city takes itself as a pioneer of technology. Berlin is in the process of making history as the world’s most innovative city for technology, and — whether we’re talking about EDM or IoT — we always say yes to tech.

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