Could it be different? Thoughts on customizing your educational experience

Could it be different? Thoughts on customizing your educational experience

We are customizing educational experience here at Steinbeis SMI by offering a variety of digital, in-person and hybrid learning models, and are bringing the concept of the digital nomad to the world of education.

You might’ve seen us talking about how, especially during the pandemic, we have a fully digital learning option that you can undertake from anywhere in the world. Thanks to our use of cutting-edge technology and the clever ways we can apply it to our proven dual-education approach, your education — and the social elements that go along with it which help you to broaden that education, develop essential skills and become more confident — don’t have to take a backseat while the world is struggling to find a sense of normality. Quite the opposite, actually: You can take the steps now to grow and advance your career by choosing to upskill in your downtime.

Starting in digital mode, as universities around the world and Berlin are having to do, can have some amazing benefits, including the ability to save money, a built-in level of flexibility around your schedule, global networking sessions, fewer emissions, opportunities to improve essential written language skills, chances to demonstrate digital fluency and more. But in spite of the drool-worthy #StudyWithAView posts from around the globe that you might see from digital nomads on social media, we get that you might be longing for the time when you can do in-person learning here in the amazing startup and tech hub that is Berlin. 

And honestly, we’re excited for that time, too. But until then, we want to help you explore the various study models that we offer at Steinbeis SMI so you don’t miss out on career advancement prospects or your shot at changing the world.

Fully online

We’ve talked about this one a bit above, but you can choose to have all of your lessons, networking sessions, webinars, mentorships, internships and more online as part of our high-quality digital programs. The main benefit is that you can do all of that from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In addition to filling a gap while travel is limited, this distance-learning option might be right for you if you want to carry on with your current job while studying, need to study from a place with a lower cost of living or just need a higher degree of flexibility to address a work-life-study balance.

A digital/in-person hybrid

Whether you want to start studying digitally in your home country with the goal of coming to Berlin as soon as restrictions are lifted or want a more flexible ebb-and-flow approach that will allow you to use Berlin as a base while exploring opportunities near and far, our advisors are ready to help you find a study plan that suits you. Use this time to get a jump-start on building your foundational knowledge so you can fully take advantage of all that Berlin has to offer once restrictions are eased, or create your unique path that will allow you to combine exploring a wide variety of topics with in-depth study of a handful of topics with chances to practice, try, fail and try again. (Don’t be put off by the idea of failing; it is, after all, an essential part of learning, and our team will help you learn from those failures and refine your ideas for next time.)

Fully in person

If you’re adamant that in-person learning is the only way forward for you, we do offer students the option to wait until in-person learning can safely resume. This might mean that your career progress has to be put on hold until countries open up again, but if that’s the case, our team will still be there to provide you with support and advice.

Whatever you choose, our main goal at SMI is to help you develop a unique study model that is perfectly tailored to your goals and your circumstances while preparing you to become a force for good in your field. It’s why we invest heavily in providing every Steinbeis student with access to resources such as career advisors, relocation advice, professional opportunities and access to an ever-growing set of 200+ industry partners (a list that includes both household names and novel startups).

We are dedicated to building truly student-centric learning experiences for tomorrow’s leaders, and we invite you to join the Steinbeis family, which offers inspiring environments for clever minds — both online and offline.

Whether you’re ready to choose a program or just want to schedule a session with our team to discuss your study options, you can send us an email or use the contact form on our website.

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