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The Steinbeis MBA — a unique leadership program that’s specifically designed for a new generation of leaders

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The Steinbeis MBA — a unique leadership program that’s specifically designed for a new generation of leaders

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Basics

MBA with

Deciding upon your exact career is hard. While you have clearly put in the work to get to where you are now on your career path, sometimes it takes a little outside help to show you the turn you must take to move in the right direction.

We are here to help.

The Steinbeis MBA ECTS 90 provides you with a strong understanding of all things business-related through our mandatory management foundation course, worth 60 ECTS points. This crash-course will get you up to speed with changes that have occurred within the business sector since your graduation from either secondary education or university — so that you can use these transferrable skills to better your current or future company.

Your remaining 30 credits can be used to dive deep into topics that sincerely interest you through our selection of specializations inspired by the modern-day company. Whether you want to better understand and employ data to improve business strategy and create revenue, learn how to implement key digital technologies to increase efficiency, discover how to inspire and motivate your team through modules focusing on leadership and change, or find out how marketing can help to promote your business — the Steinbeis MBA specializations can hone your interests and propel you forward in your chosen career.

The Basics

Our modules

During this module focusing on globalization as a context variable for business, you will gain insights into target markets and the strategies necessary to enter such markets. Through in-depth practical and theoretical studies on the topic of Strategic Management, you will gain the inspiration and confidence to take your business and break into your market.

You will decipher the characteristics and contextual factors of entrepreneurship, learn how to set up an entrepreneurial organization, and come to understand the similarities of and differences between start-up and corporate entrepreneurship. As well as this, we will teach you all about the 3-Horizons model and the PAVE model and dissect how the theory of Effectuation can help you to take the next best step.

During this module, our students will learn how to navigate within an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) corporate environment. Through project-based learning, lessons on innovation, management theory, and creative processes, as well as qualitative social research, participants will come to understand that Innovation & Design Thinking is much more of a mindset than a process.

Excellent strategic marketing ensures that every one of your marketing efforts aligns with your company’s culture and goals and that they reach your target audience. This module will underline the basic principles and concepts of strategic marketing and will give you the tools you need to analyze your current strategic plan.

Through this module, you will gain insights into the content and structures of balance sheets and profit/loss statements and determine the relationship between these and income statements. You will also receive in-depth information into business activities – like investment, financing, provisions, accruals and deferrals, sales and purchase/use of goods, receivables and payables and own work capitalized – and their impact on the balance sheet.

With this module, you will learn all about responsible leadership and people management. From self-leadership, self-management, and self-controlling to team leadership and development, from the role of the leader in the context of change and within dynamic work environments to communication, conversational behavior, professional appearance, and active listening – we will teach you the styles and tools needed to best drive you, your team, and your business towards success.

In this module, you will learn to design and control the production process and redesign business operations in the production of goods or services. You will be able to create organizational designs that identify and efficiently meet real customer needs. In the process, you will also be able to design aspects of organizational culture so that companies fulfill their mission and members enjoy participating in it.

There are at least two good reasons to understand and master applied science as a manager. First, companies need to use data to arrive at good decisions for their challenges. But if you can’t handle data scientifically, you can’t get value from it. Second, as a manager, you need to take note of many studies. Only those who understand scientific principles can judge which studies are worth considering. You will learn to understand and apply data in this module.

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Our specializations

Across the globe, sustainability has become increasingly important. As a result of this, industries and organizations around the world are now expected to realize and manage the impact they have not just on the economy and society, but also on the environment.

Our Sustainable Management specialization concentrates on the intersection of business and sustainability and provides you with vital information that helps to ensure the long-term viability of your business.

Through a combination of the strong basic knowledge learned from the mandatory foundation modules and the in-depth understanding of various sustainability issues – including legal regulations in the field of sustainability – gained from your specialization, this course will help you develop strategic and operational concepts to promote sustainability in your business or will encourage you to maybe even start your own sustainable company.

Expand your knowledge in the sustainability field across organizations, industries, and practices, enhance your capabilities in business, consulting, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and establish your transition to sustainable business.

The Sustainable Management specialization is made up of six modules:

Sustainability in Society, Economy and Organizations

Sustainable/Responsible Management

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Growth Strategies

Sustainable Finance and Risk

Sustainable Mindset and Practices of Management

For companies to stay competitive, they must be run with precise competence from the ground up. An excellently curated and managed team is essential when it comes to coping with the inevitable economic and organizational challenges a business will face.

Steinbeis SMI’s Business & Organizational Psychology specialization helps you develop competencies in business psychology, diagnostics, organizational consulting, and development, change management, and leadership – making it the optimal specialization for organization developers, recruitment consultants, HR associates, and coaches.

Find out how to positively impact your people and your organization by strengthening your own leadership qualities. Develop your critical thinking and build the expertise to improve workplace motivation and attitudes. Support diversity, build resilient leaders, and boost your team morale and your organization’s productivity.

The Business & Organizational Psychology specialization is made up of six modules:

Business Psychology 1

Business Psychology 2

Change Management

Organizational Consulting & Organizational Development

Psychological Aspects of Change in Organizations

Psychological Aspects of Leadership in Organizations

This specialization in Data & Business Analytics will teach you to combine data with actionable business insights. You will gain strong knowledge in data technology, data applications, data strategies and data-driven decision making, and will explore the potential of data applications within a business context — both in terms of operational analysis and strategical decision making.

During this program, you will also gain a deep understanding of all corporate functions, learn how to use and implement a wide range of tools to solve complex management challenges and be taught the skills needed to make excellent management decisions.

Enhance your professional profile from day one of the Steinbeis MBA. Gain the in-demand skills necessary for the modern business environment — where the need to rely on accurate data-backed insights is ever-increasing — and feel confident in pursuing your career in business intelligence, data analytics, business transformation, consulting, operations management, and marketing intelligence.

The Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence specialization is made up of six modules:

Digital Infrastructure & Software Development

Data Management, Big Data & High Performance Computing

Data Driven Business

Data Strategy & Governance

Data Exploration & Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

We live in an environment of constant change. Through Steinbeis SMI’s master’s degree focusing on Digital Innovation & Business Transformation, you will learn how to become and remain a pioneer of this digital age.

As the world evolves at such a rapid rate, so do the demands of daily life and, therefore, the personal requirements of an organization’s cliental. It is for this reason that the digital and innovative transformation of a company – whether it is an already established enterprise or a brand-new start-up – is crucial to its success.

Convenience, efficiency, and speed are necessary when navigating modern business challenges. By embracing digital technology and its ability to collect data to improve workflow, the general day-to-day running of your company will become smoother. Through the adoption of an innovative attitude, a less conventional method of working is encouraged, which will result in fresh, relevant ideas and business decisions and an overall happier client base. We will teach you how to develop a data-driven culture in your organization by applying technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how to think and act as a team-oriented, agile leader.

By simultaneously understanding key digital technologies and how to implement them within your working model and team, you will transform yourself into the driver of digitalization for your company.

The Digital Innovation & Business Transformation specialization is made up of six modules:

The Future of Business Organization

Market Research and Consumer Behavior

Innovation Management

Innovation Management — Advanced

Digital Technology

Digital Economics — Implications for Business & Society

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Admission Requirements

To enroll in our international master’s program, you should have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university.
  • Proof of at least 2 years work experience.

In addition, English language skills are required (IELTS 6.0 / PTE – 56/ TOEFL – 80/Duolingo – 100/ Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency).

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to study at Steinbeis SMI, please contact our Student Advisory team.

Fees & Plans


MBA (online)

  • €250 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program

MBA with Specialization (online)

  • €250 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program

Specialized MBA Online

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