Master of Science
in Business Management (MSc)

The program that’s been designed for the managers, leaders and innovators of the future

Master of Science
in Business Management (MSc)

The program that’s been designed for the managers, leaders and innovators of the future

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Standard: 4 semesters

Start Date

April 2023, October 2023


Berlin, Germany
Munich, Germany (starting from November 2023)




Internationally recognized accreditation (FIBAA)


Master of Science in Business Management (MSc)

The Basics


Steinbeis SMI University Berlin
Qualifying executives, professionals, and young talents for future challenges.


As a student at Steinbeis SMI, you will be guided by through your studies by our highly experienced faculty members and expertly trained student advisory team. By bringing the latest industry-led innovations and insights to the classroom while also providing the unique opportunity to transfer those classroom theories into practice, our study programs develop personalities and prepare our students for the next step in their careers.

As well as preparing our students for their dream jobs through the skills gained in our innovative study programs, we also place great importance in empowering our students to break into the German job market post-graduation through our intense training and coaching program, The Steinbeis SMI Launchpad. You will also be introduced to our huge network of over 200 industry partners – which is a massive advantage when entering the job market.

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In order to apply for SMI’s MBA with Specialization (90 ECTS), you must choose one specialization listed under “Specializations” in the form below. If you would like to apply for our MBA program (60 ECTS), please select “None” here instead.
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Program Structure

Build on your strengths and close any gaps in your knowledge with our wide range of modules.



Although the Management Foundations courses are mandatory for every student, you will get to chose from four specialization subjects based on your career path and learning objectives.

Specialize in topics that excite you and can help advance your career — from entrepreneurship to marketing innovations and from data science to digital finance.

Combining a strong general management foundation with up-to-date knowledge from the specializations of your choice, this program gives you the tools you need to meet the needs of the modern business world.

Management Foundation

The Basics

  • Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Managing Projects
  • Marketing & Consumer Behavior
  • Economics, Politics & Society
  • Finance
  • Research, Science & Quantitative Methods
  • Advanced Statistics

Your Specialization
(pick one)

Choose your

  • Management & Innovation
  • Digital Innovation & Business Transformation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence


Our Specializations

Study topics tailored to your specific interests and needs.

This unique master’s focusing on Management & Innovation is based on a broad management curriculum for a generalist education, specializing in topics that address the issues that companies face in times of change and market upheaval. Through our study program, you will learn how to remain competitive in an environment of constant change, how to set innovative standards and initiate forward-thinking products, processes, and structures, and how to implement growth strategies to reach new target groups and markets.

At Steinbeis SMI, innovation is in our name and in our nature. From our own experience, we know the benefits of applying a fresh and creative approach to business and understand the importance of innovation in effecting positive change. We also know that – to successfully manage your business and your team – time, expectations, and knowledge must be regulated.

By the end of your degree, you will fully understand and be able to confidently realize much needed innovations for yourself and your company in an effective, enthusiastic, and inspiring way.

We live in an environment of constant change. Through Steinbeis SMI’s master’s degree focusing on Digital Innovation & Business Transformation, you will learn how to become and remain a pioneer of this digital age.

As the world evolves at such a rapid rate, so do the demands of daily life and, therefore, the personal requirements of an organization’s cliental. It is for this reason that the digital and innovative transformation of a company – whether it is an already established enterprise or a brand-new start-up – is crucial to its success.

Convenience, efficiency, and speed are necessary when navigating modern business challenges. By embracing digital technology and its ability to collect data to improve workflow, the general day-to-day running of your company will become smoother. Through the adoption of an innovative attitude, a less conventional method of working is encouraged, which will result in fresh, relevant ideas and business decisions and an overall happier client base. We will teach you how to develop a data-driven culture in your organization by applying technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how to think and act as a team-oriented, agile leader.

By simultaneously understanding key digital technologies and how to implement them within your working model and team, you will transform yourself into the driver of digitalization for your company.

Our master’s in Digital Marketing will teach you how to professionally transform your company‘s products and services by utilizing the vast number of digital channels available in today’s online-focused world.

Digital marketing is the quickest and most cost-effective way to reach your target market, raise your brand’s awareness and boost your company’s leads and sales. It is also an excellent way of monitoring the expectations and experiences of your audience, through the invaluable feedback garnered from your online social channel’s comments and chats.

Through this focus, you will learn how to implement a smart, data-based marketing strategy by applying omni-channel concepts and specific targeting. We will help you to establish inbound marketing approaches and teach you how to increase the efficiency of your campaigns through clever automation and personalization, which will aid in creating a structural framework that works best for your brand.

With the help of a finely tuned content marketing strategy, the many facets of digital marketing and copious online platforms can easily manageable and highly beneficial.

This master’s degree in Business Management with the specialization in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence will teach you to combine data with actionable business insights. You will gain strong knowledge in data technology, data applications, data strategies and data-driven decision making, and will explore the potential of data applications within a business context — both in terms of operational analysis and strategical decision making.

During this program, you will also gain a deep understanding of all corporate functions, learn how to use and implement a wide range of tools to solve complex management challenges and be taught the skills needed to make excellent management decisions.

Enhance your professional profile from day one of this Steinbeis master’s. Gain the in-demand skills necessary for the modern business environment — where the need to rely on accurate data-backed insights is ever-increasing — and feel confident in pursuing your career in business intelligence, data analytics, business transformation, consulting, operations management, and marketing intelligence.

The Best in German Education

For over 20 years, Steinbeis University has reflected Germany’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence as the country’s largest private, state-recognized university. We offer top-tier, flexible study programs that are adaptable to your work, family, and social life.

Enter the German Job Market

Berlin is a vastly expanding start-up hub, so by basing yourself here you give yourself a great chance of snatching up your dream job. By choosing to study at SMI, these odds will only increase. As a student at SMI, you have access to our vast network of over 200 industry partners, which includes some of the biggest names in German business and innovation, like Daimler, Bosch, and Siemens.

The SMI LaunchPad

Our students are our priority, which is why – as well as carefully curated, career-aligned curriculums – we offer support services that further nurture your future working in Germany.

The SMI LaunchPad

Our students are our priority, which is why – as well as carefully curated, career-aligned curriculums – we offer support services that further nurture your future working in Germany.

post-graduate profile

Admission Requirements

To enroll in our international master’s program, you must have:

  • Successfully completed any Bachelor Degree with 180 ECTS from an accredited university.
  • IELTS 6.0 (or) PTE 56, Duolingo 100, TOEFL 80 (or) Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency (or) proof of six years’ worth of academic studies in English.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to study at Steinbeis SMI, please contact our Student Advisory team.

FEEs & plans


Per Semester

Paid over 4 semesters.
* Without scholarship support.
5,700 Per semester
  • €500 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program
  • €500 project examination fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the end of the program

Total Payment

Total amount due for the study program.
* Without scholarship support.
  • €500 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program
  • €500 project examination fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the end of the program.
  • 8% discount for paying upfront

The Steinbeis scholarship fund for international students

As part of the Steinbeis Foundation, Steinbeis University is able to offer partial tuition scholarships of up to 25% for accepted students who show academic merit and interpersonal skills. Scholarships are allocated based on motivation, personal and professional achievements, and academic excellence. Scholarships will be awarded to candidates from any academic or vocational background.


Master of Science in Business Management (MSc)

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