Master of Business
Administration (MBA)

The Steinbeis MBA — a unique leadership program that’s specifically designed for a new generation of leaders

Master of Business
Administration (MBA)

The Steinbeis MBA — a unique leadership program that’s specifically designed for a new generation of leaders

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Standard: 3 semesters

Start Date

October 2022


Berlin, Germany




Internationally recognized German accreditation (FIBAA)


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Basics


Steinbeis SMI University Berlin
Qualifying executives, professionals, and young talents for future challenges.


As a student at Steinbeis SMI, you will be guided by through your studies by our highly experienced faculty members and expertly trained student advisory team. By bringing the latest industry-led innovations and insights to the classroom while also providing the unique opportunity to transfer those classroom theories into practice, our study programs develop personalities and prepare our students for the next step in their careers.

As well as preparing our students for their dream jobs through the skills gained in our innovative study programs, we also place great importance in empowering our students to break into the German job market post-graduation through our intense training and coaching program, The Steinbeis SMI Launchpad. You will also be introduced to our huge network of over 200 industry partners – which is a massive advantage when entering the job market.

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Program Structure

Our wide range of modules will ensure that you can build on your strengths, close any gaps in your knowledge and leverage the opportunities that change often presents


Inspire and motivate your team through modules focusing on leadership and change, anticipate and disrupt the future with innovation- and technology-based options, learn how to crunch numbers with our finance and economic classes and find out how to create and lead markets thanks to our strategy and marketing specializations.


Our Modules

Financial Accounting

Through this module, you will gain insights into the content and structures of balance sheets and profit/loss statements and determine the relationship between these and income statements. You will also receive in-depth information into business activities – like investment, financing, provisions, accruals and deferrals, sales and purchase/use of goods, receivables and payables and own work capitalized – and their impact on the balance sheet,

Strategic Marketing

Excellent strategic marketing ensures that every one of your marketing efforts aligns with your company’s culture and goals, and that they reach your target audience. This module will underline the basic principles and concepts of strategic marketing and will give you the tools you need to analyze your current strategy plan.

Responsible Leadership

With this module, you will learn all about responsible leadership. From self-leadership, self-management, and self-controlling to team leadership and development, from the role of the leader in the context of change and within dynamic work environments to communication, conversational behavior, professional appearance, and active listening – we will teach you the styles and tools needed to best drive you, your team, and your business towards success.

Change Management

Change management is the controlled identification and implementation of required changes within an organization, and that is exactly what we explore during this module: knowing when your business needs a refresh, understanding what exactly keeps companies from changing and getting to grips with New Work as an alternative working and learning model.


Boost your sales efforts with our Sales module, where you will learn how to manage your sales personnel and get to grips with sales strategies from more traditional sales methods of marketing and come to understand sales information systems, strategic and operational sales control, structural and process organization, and sales territory optimization.

Global Managerial Economics

Our Global Managerial Economics module teaches the fundamentals of market economics and economic policies and gives you a solid understanding into economics in the public sector and the influence this has on both consumers and producers. With this information, you will be able to create an adaptable business foundation where upcoming changes to the economy can be easily implemented into your daily workflow.

Strategic HR Management

In this module, we teach you the basics of Human Resource Management. From the roles of the various members of the department to their individual tasks, from diversity management to overall organization and “The Talent Cycle”, this module will prepare you to build a stellar HR department that will maximize your employees’ potential and help your business to achieve its objective.

Intercultural Management

Through this module, you will study the history of globalization, understand the impact that it has had and will continue to have on international business activities, learn generic strategies based on scientific fact and develop more specific strategies for environmental conditions. You will evaluate market entry strategies and understand the cultural and ethical challenges related to globalization, analyze them, and make recommendations for their solution.


During this module, we will teach you about long-term planning as a central task within strategic controlling, the early warning systems as a component of strategic controlling and how to transfer these methods into the management of your own company. You will also learn concepts of commerce controlling within the regions of sales and service, revenue controlling, cost controlling and current developments in quantitative methods in companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a business model that integrates social and environmental concerns into the framework of an organization. During this module, you will learn about the model’s historical development and its conceptual basics, the impact of CSR communication with regards to management concepts, and current and up-and-coming trends within the structure.

Designing & Developing a Sustainable Business

This module will not only help established executives better understand their own business foundations and expand their knowledge of new business areas but will also encourage new leaders to create the business they have always wanted to. Focusing on strengthening business both systematically and strategically, we will teach you how to apply the Business Model Canvas to expand upon your existing model, and how to implement specific tools to aid in the creation of new ones.

Technology & Trends

You will learn all about the latest and up-and-coming technology trends (like Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things) and how they can be leveraged to fit and aid your business model. We will teach you the skills you need to create a lasting impact on your company, so that you can continue to stay competitive and ensure the utmost satisfaction of your clients.

International Strategy Perspectives

During this module focusing on globalization as a context variable for international business, you will gain insights into international target markets and the strategies necessary to enter such markets. Through in-depth practical and theoretical studies on the topic of Global Strategic Management, you will gain the inspiration and confidence to take your business and break into the international market.

Platform Strategies & Digital Business

As online technology continues to rapidly advance, the options for creating and building digital platforms are expanding. Focusing on modularization and individualization, networks and their effects, platform economics, digital pricing strategies and much more, our Platform Strategies & Digital Business module will teach you all you need to know about building, developing, and nurturing strategy, so you get the most out of your platforms.

International Business Law

This module will teach you everything that you will need to consider legally along your route to global expansion, including international commercial, civil, labor, and tax law. Our International Business Law module is necessary for any of our students hoping to open shop abroad.


From analytical methods employed during decision making, to principles of power and the possibilities of influence, and self-awareness of the (body) language, communication style, and tone of voice you use – this course is a deep dive into all things self-management.

Entrepreneurship & Value Creation

You will decipher the characteristics and contextual factors of entrepreneurship, learn how to set up an entrepreneurial organization and come to understand the similarities and differences of start-up and corporate entrepreneurship. As well as this, we will teach you all about the 3-Horizons model and the PAVE model and dissect how the theory of Effectuation can help you to take the next best step.

Innovation & Design Thinking

During this module, our students will learn how to navigate within an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) corporate environment. Through project-based learning, lessons on innovation, management theory and creative processes, as well as qualitative social research, participants will come to understand that Innovation & Design Thinking is much more of a mindset than a process.

Investment & Risk Management

By employing a risk management plan, you can reduce risks and costs within your organization before they even occur – saving your company’s money and reputation in the long run and securing its future. Learn how to identify the source of such risks, and how to analyze and control risk through our module dedicated to Investment & Risk Management.

Digital Transformation

While the benefits of digital technology in business are obvious, how to start transforming a business digitally is not always so clear. With our focus module, you will receive a crash course in converting traditional business models and operational processes, you will learn how to transition to omni-channel customer communication, and you will be given an integrative introduction into digital processes.


The Basics

  • Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Managing Projects
  • Marketing & Consumer Behavior
  • Economics, Politics & Society
  • Finance
  • Research, Science & Quantitative Methods
  • Advanced Statistics

(pick one)

your focus

  • Advanced Management, Entrepreneurship & Strategy
  • Advanced Innovation, Technology & Digitalization
  • Advanced Finance, Banking & Controlling
  • Advanced Marketing, Media & Communications

(pick two)

Choose your

  • Management & Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Innovations
  • Data Science
  • Digital Innovation
  • Business Transformation
  • Technology for Business
  • Management of Banks
  • Digital Finance

The Best in German Education

For over 20 years, Steinbeis University has reflected Germany’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence as the country’s largest private, state-recognized university. We offer top-tier, flexible study programs that are adaptable to your work, family, and social life.

Enter the German Job Market

Berlin is a vastly expanding start-up hub, so by basing yourself here you give yourself a great chance of snatching up your dream job. By choosing to study at SMI, these odds will only increase. As a student at SMI, you have access to our vast network of over 200 industry partners, which includes some of the biggest names in German business and innovation, like Daimler, Bosch, and Siemens.

The SMI LaunchPad

Our students are our priority, which is why – as well as carefully curated, career-aligned curriculums – we offer support services that further nurture your future working in Germany.

The SMI LaunchPad

Our students are our priority, which is why – as well as carefully curated, career-aligned curriculums – we offer support services that further nurture your future working in Germany.

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Admission Requirements

To enroll in our international MBA program, you must have:

  • Successfully completed any bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS (minimum) from an accredited university and PQP (professional qualification path: 5 case studies as “pre-exam” for about two months before matriculation). If you have 210 ECTS or more, no PQP is needed. Instead, we require 2-5 years of relevant professional experience and 2 years of leadership/team management experience.
  • IELTS 6.0 (or) PTE 56, Duolingo 100, TOEFL 80 (or) Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency (or) proof of six years’ worth of academic studies in English.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to study at Steinbeis SMI, please contact our Student Advisory team.

FEEs & plans


Per Semester

Paid over 3 semesters
* Without scholarship support.
8,600 Per semester
  • €500 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program
  • €700 project examination fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the end of the program

Total Payment

Total amount due for the study program.
* Without scholarship support.
  • €500 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program
  • €700 project examination fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the end of the program
  • 8% discount for paying upfront

The Steinbeis scholarship fund for international students

As part of the Steinbeis Foundation, Steinbeis University is able to offer partial tuition scholarships of up to 25% for accepted students who show academic merit and interpersonal skills. Scholarships are allocated based on motivation, personal and professional achievements, and academic excellence. Scholarships will be awarded to candidates from any academic or vocational background.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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