Bachelor of Arts
in Business Administration (BA)

The Steinbeis Bachelor; a management program designed for the real world.

Bachelor of Arts
in Business Administration (BA)

The Steinbeis Bachelor; a management program designed for the real world.

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Standard: 6 semesters (with possibilities of 4 or 8 semesters)

Start Date

April 2022, July 2022, October 2022, January 2023


Berlin, Germany




Internationally recognized German accreditation (FIBAA)


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BA)

The Basics


Steinbeis SMI University Berlin
Qualifying executives, professionals, and young talents for future challenges.


As a student at Steinbeis SMI, you will be guided by through your studies by our highly experienced faculty members and expertly trained student advisory team. By bringing the latest industry-led innovations and insights to the classroom while also providing the unique opportunity to transfer those classroom theories into practice, our study programs develop personalities and prepare our students for the next step in their careers.

As well as preparing our students for their dream jobs through the skills gained in our innovative study programs, we also place great importance in empowering our students to break into the German job market post-graduation through our intense training and coaching program, The Steinbeis SMI Launchpad. You will also be introduced to our huge network of over 200 industry partners – which is a massive advantage when entering the job market.

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Program Structure

Choose from a wide range of elective modules that build on your strengths, and specialize in topics that excite you and can help you advance your career.



Our innovative program structure allows you to choose from a wide range of elective modules — from strategic management to marketing and from digital innovation to human resources management. Although the Business Foundation curriculum is mandatory for every student, you can also customize your courses based on your career and learning objectives by selecting one of four specializations. By combining a strong general management foundation with the latest insights from the fields of specialization most relevant to you, our program will ensure you graduate with the optimum toolkit for working with employers in the business realm of your choice.

Business Foundation

The Basics

  • Business Management
  • Economics & Law
  • Methodological Basics for Business
  • Project Management & Organisation
  • Management & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • International Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Human Resources (HR) Management
  • Innovation & Technology

Your Specialization
(pick one)

Choose your

  • Management & Innovation
  • Digital Management & Digital Innovation
  • General & International Management
  • Marketing Management & Communication

Pick One

Our Specializations

Study topics tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Our bachelor’s with the specialization in Management & Innovation enables our students to gain a broad set of management skills based on innovative knowledge, tools, and practices.

As we are sure is clear by our name, Steinbeis University School of Management and Innovation places great importance on the topics focused on in this study program. During your studies, you will learn what exactly innovation is and understand its different theories and pathways. We will teach you how to design and develop fresh, creative ideas and help you to build a strategic framework to execute and manage them. You will also be given an insight into the modern workplace and how to establish efficient working processes in this digital age.

Through the skills attained during your degree, you will have the competency to make confident targeted management decisions and develop recommendations for action for your company – both internally and externally and from a national and international perspective.

During the Steinbeis bachelor’s degree program in Digital Management & Digital Innovation, you will study digital technologies, the impact they have on business models and how to strategically implement them into your business model.

By understanding how the strategies and organizational structures of companies change in the context of digitalization, you will come to realize the difference between a good, long-lasting idea and a hyped-up fleeting trend. We aim that, through this degree program, our students will be able to use the knowledge gained in the areas of content, methods, and techniques to systematically implement digital innovation projects and processes into the real world prior to their graduation.

With this bachelor’s degree, you will enrich the workforce through your innovative spirit and excellent digital skills – whether that is by digitally transforming a traditional company or founding your own digital start-up.

With a focus on General Management & Internationalization, this bachelor’s degree aims to prepare you for the international job market and enable you to lead companies on their way into a globally networked economy.

For many industries, sustainable growth strongly coincides with a company’s ability to successfully expand internationally. By targeting different markets, a business can acquire more assets and increases sales, which allows for larger investments and a whole new client base.

During this program, you gain insight into other markets and cultures, come to understand potential for market entry and learn how to align national and international markets. We also teach you marketing, strategy, innovation, human resources, and financial management alongside relevant economic and legal subjects.

At SMI, we understand that international management requires international learning – which is why this immersion includes two study trips abroad.

The part-time bachelor’s degree program in Marketing Management & Communication equips you with a solid foundation in business administration – supplemented by the latest trends in marketing.

As a Marketing Manager, the main challenge you will face is clearly differentiating your company from the competition and developing intelligent sales strategies. To do this well, you need business know-how, the ability to think across company boundaries and a good feel for current trends and the needs of customers. This is exactly where we can help.

At SMI, you will study the behavior of modern consumers, learn how market research can help to support the strategic decision-making process and become an expert in strategic and digital marketing. With all these skills under your belt, you will have no problem breaking into the world of marketing once you’ve graduated.

The Best in German Education

For over 20 years, Steinbeis University has reflected Germany’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence as the country’s largest private, state-recognized university. We offer top-tier, flexible study programs that are adaptable to your work, family, and social life.

Enter the German Job Market

Berlin is a vastly expanding start-up hub, so by basing yourself here you give yourself a great chance of snatching up your dream job. By choosing to study at SMI, these odds will only increase. As a student at SMI, you have access to our vast network of over 200 industry partners, which includes some of the biggest names in German business and innovation, like Daimler, Bosch, and Siemens.

The SMI LaunchPad

Our students are our priority, which is why – as well as carefully curated, career-aligned curriculums – we offer support services that further nurture your future working in Germany.

The SMI LaunchPad

Our students are our priority, which is why – as well as carefully curated, career-aligned curriculums – we offer support services that further nurture your future working in Germany.

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Admission Requirements

To enroll in our international bachelor’s program, you must have:

  • 13 years of education or IB School Diploma or High School Diploma from an EU country system.
  • Higher education entrance qualification (or) Secondary school leaving certificate with 3 years of work experience (or) Advanced professional training.
  • IELTS 6.0 (or) PTE 56, (or) Duolingo 100, (or) TOEFL 80 (or) Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency (or) proof of six years worth of academic studies in English.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to study at Steinbeis SMI, please contact our Student Advisory team.

Fees & Plans


Per Semester

Paid over 6 semesters.
* Without scholarship support.
4,500 per semester
  • €500 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program
  • €500 project examination fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the end of the program

Total Payment

Total amount due for the study program.
* Without scholarship support.
  • €500 enrollment fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the beginning of the program
  • €500 project examination fee
    This one-time fee is paid at the end of the program.
  • 8% discount for paying upfront

The Steinbeis scholarship fund for international students

As part of the Steinbeis Foundation, Steinbeis University is able to offer partial tuition scholarships of up to 25% for accepted students who show academic merit and interpersonal skills. Scholarships are allocated based on motivation, personal and professional achievements, and academic excellence. Scholarships will be awarded to candidates from any academic or vocational background.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BA)

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