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Use your downtime
to upskill

Use your downtime
to upskill

Request information on our bite-sized courses

Whether you can invest a few hours or commit to a two-month course, we have offerings to fit any schedule.
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Study anytime, anywhere and totally in English

All courses can count toward Steinbeis degrees

MBA Essentials

Our courses have been designed to suit the months ahead

Around the world, COVID-19 has shifted priorities — and created opportunities. At Steinbeis SMI, we’re committed to helping our students gain the knowledge and experience they need to succeed. Use your certificates to boost your career, or if you want to work toward a Steinbeis degree, all of your ECTS points granted for eduBITES, courses and MBA Essentials are eligible for the Steinbeis degree programs. So, treat the coming months as a start in a new education experience. With flexibility that fits around your preferences and personal needs, our courses won’t disrupt the balance of your new normal.


University course topic tasters
  • Cover the latest updates on the topics you've always wanted to understand
  • Choose one out of 12 highly relevant MBA topics
  • Earn a university certificate (1 ECTS point)
  • Course duration: Just 5 days

Early Bird

University Courses

Specialized bundles ­consisting of 3 eduBITES
  • Boost your career and become a thought leader
  • Choose from four different specializations
  • Earn a university certificate (3 ECTS points)
  • Course duration: 3 weeks

Early Bird


Program pillars consisting of 4 university courses
  • Learn the essentials of Steinbeis' MBA program
  • Cover 12 different topics (eduBITES)
  • Earn a university certificate (12 ECTS points)
  • Course duration: 2 months

Early Bird
Register before March 31st to secure your .
If you register before March 31st, 2021 and refer a friend who also registers before the end of March, your friend will receive a 15% discount and you'll receive a total discount of 30% off. Offers are valid for all programs. Terms and conditions apply.

An education that
sets you apart


German heritage

Our academic streams are all based on the ideas and approach of Ferdinand von Steinbeis, the German inventor of dual education.


Innovative didactics

Our students can customize their learning experiences for every study format.


An approach suited to COVID times

Whether you’re looking for a productive way to use time not spent commuting or wanting to upskill to meet the needs of our changing world, we have certificate-based courses to help you intentionally shape your career — no matter where you are in the world.


Business & engineering expertise

We're uniquely positioned to help you better engineer your success in business or engineering — or both.


Innovative curriculum

Professors and industry experts offer you the most diverse and cutting-edge curriculum.


Mentoring, coaching & relocation support

Our commitment to building and encouraging the next generation of leaders knows no bounds, because when you succeed, we all succeed.


Made in Germany.
Delivered around the world.

Advance your career trajectory, even during the pandemic.

For over 150 years, the Steinbeis name has stood for innovation. Today, that legacy lives on. From pioneering our world-renowned dual-education approach that unites classroom learning with on-site workplace experiences to digitally delivering cutting-edge business and engineering study programs to students around the globe during these unique COVID-19 times, we’ve proven our commitment to rising to a challenge — flexibly and in real time.


Internationally recognized accreditation (FIBAA)

200+ industry partners

Cutting-edge online campus

20+ years of higher education experience

98% of our current students would recommend us

Our Network

Gain access to our helpful network of 200+ industry partners

Once you become a Steinbeis student, you become a member of the Steinbeis family. Whether you’ve concentrated on eduBITES, completed a course, finished our MBA Essentials course or achieved a full degree, being a Steinbeis SMI graduate has its benefits.

Give your career a boost!


Experts from our career center can digitally offer you support and help you find
the best study program that fits your career aspirations, wherever you are in the world.


Meet SMI alumni

Jedes Ziel ist anders. Wir zum Glück auch.

If you a German-speaking student in the DACH region, click here to visit our German website for more information on our pioneering bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and certificate offerings.


Request information on our
bite-sized courses

Whether you can invest a few hours or commit to a two-month course, we have offerings to fit any schedule.
1 Study Preferences
2 Contact Information
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