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Steinbeis University Berlin

Next-level education

Made in Germany —

delivered around the world

German heritage.
Global expertise.

Combine a world-class education with a history of innovation and hands-on experience — that’s Steinbeis SMI.

For over 150 years, the Steinbeis name has stood for innovation. Our academic streams are all based on the ideas and approach of Ferdinand von Steinbeis, the German inventor of the world-renowned dual-education approach. We’ve perfected this method, which unites classroom learning with on-site work experience. Today, with SMI’s cutting-edge business and engineering study programs, we’re bringing the latest developments from these exciting industries to students around the world — flexibly and in real time.

Key facts

  • Internationally recognized accreditation (FIBAA)

  • 200+ industry partners

  • Cutting-edge online campus

  • 98% of our current students recommend us

An approach that’s suited to COVID-19 times

Acquire the skills and qualifications you need to advance your career — from anywhere in the world.

At Steinbeis SMI, we’re bringing the concept of the digital nomad to the world of education, giving you the complete flexibility to choose where you want to study. Thanks to our established online model, you can start studying now from your home country and decide later whether you want to finish your degree at home or relocate to Germany (or maybe even spend some time studying with one of our global university partners).

Steinbeis University is the largest officially recognized private university in Germany, so no matter how you choose to design your study path, you’ll gain access to a world of professional opportunities through our extensive network of 200+ industry partners around the globe.

  • Advance your career prospects, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Access internship opportunities with our partners (including SAP, Bosch, Siemens, Daimler and BMW — to name a few).
  • Study from anywhere in the world, and get specialized support with relocation services and career advice from our mentors and coaches.

Innovative didactics

Whether you prefer to study online, join classes in person or have the freedom of both options, we deliver a first-class learning experience that takes into account different learning styles and educational backgrounds.

We understand that students’ needs are diverse. Drawing on our legacy of innovation in education and our expertise in management, we’ve designed a modular curriculum setup that can be seamlessly customized to suit your unique scheduling needs and career ambitions.

In recognition of the fast pace of change in today’s digital world, we are constantly evolving and developing new learning and classroom formats. That’s why we also offer eduBITES: “snackable” for-credit, online mini-courses that offer you an unprecedented range of specialization options and the most up-to-date curriculum worldwide.

A first-class education across every learning channel

  • Benefit from teaching methods that are tailored to your unique needs and delivered across each and every teaching channel.
  • Enjoy an agile, customizable curriculum that reflects real-time industry developments.
  • Discover eduBITES, our new, bite-sized digital learning format.

The SMI Study Configurator

Design the study track that fits your life with the world’s first study configurator!

Our configuration tool helps you quickly and easily sort through our wide range of study options to find the optimal structure, format and balance of topics for you.

Do you want to study online from your home country, in person in Germany or in a flexible hybrid model? Would you rather take a part-time approach (which takes longer to complete but affords greater flexibility) or a condensed full-time approach? What ratio of business to engineering courses best suits your career ambitions? Let our study configurator assess your preferences and find a setup that matches your needs — all in just a matter of seconds!

  • Steinbeis SMI offers you study programs that perfectly fit the needs of your lifestyle; it’s your studies, your way — from start to finish.
  • Start studying anytime thanks to our ongoing enrollment system.
  • Choose a flexible study program that suits you: 2–5 years for a bachelor’s degree and 1–4 years for a master’s degree.



Business & engineering expertise

We’re uniquely positioned to help you better engineer your success in business or engineering — or both.

In today’s world, business leaders need a deep understanding of technology to succeed, and technology specialists who want to rise to the top of their professions benefit from understanding critical business and leadership topics. To reflect this reality, we’ve broadened the scope of our curriculum to offer a Master of Business Engineering option in addition to our MBA and Master of Science in Engineering options. With lessons covering everything from technology management to informatics to leadership skills to “pure” engineering, studying at Steinbeis SMI will set you up for success in nearly all existing and emerging Industry 4.0 fields — from next-generation robotics to IoT to cybersecurity and more!

  • Design a business and engineering curriculum that’s perfectly aligned with your career ambitions.
  • Select courses from across the full spectrum of both the business and engineering programs.
  • Stay on top of emerging technologies with our new, innovative curriculum formats — including eduBITES.

Real-time, real-world curriculum

Our professors and industry experts offer you an extensive selection of courses that reflect the ever-evolving innovation landscape.

Our new digital learning format, eduBITES, brings the most relevant, up-and-coming topics in business and technology to the classroom at speed. We engage leading experts across our extensive academic and industry network to address niche, specialized and trending subjects in intensive mini-courses. Our goal is to ensure that our students get industry insights in real time while gaining the skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom in a rapidly changing world.

Thanks to eduBITES’ “snackable” format, students can take classes anytime, anywhere, and even earn “mini-degrees.” (Each completed eduBITES course is equivalent to 1 ECTS point.)

  • eduBITES boasts the fastest time-to-classroom program creation, ensuring the most up-to-the-minute curriculum worldwide.
  • eduBITES is the world’s first UMD (university mini-degree) platform.
  • Get leading-edge content in snackable digital classes that fit your schedule.

Mentoring, coaching & relocation support

Our commitment to advancing the next generation of leaders knows no bounds — because when you succeed, we all succeed.

It’s essential to us that each and every SMI student thrives. We provide a supportive atmosphere alongside a wide range of services to assist you in your studies and beyond. Through industry mentorships, academic- and/or industry-focused coaching, career guidance, internships and career placement services, we ensure you are optimally prepared to succeed — both now and in the future.

  • Access all of the support services you need to make your studies an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • Benefit from business and academic coaching leading up to and during your studies – and even after graduation.
  • Make use of ongoing career guidance and placement support from our outstanding faculty members and dedicated personal coaches.